Heureux comme avec une femmepagani-the-story-of-a-dreampagani-the-story-of-a-dream

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Tore Johansen
Tor Yttredal
Mario Piacentini
Roberto Bonati
Marco Tonin



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Horacio Pagani

"L’atelier dell’auto sorpassa il tempo, come il vento che soffia."



Edizioni Arteimmagine wrote the first Official monograph about Horacio Pagani history and Zonda.

The idea of realizing a monograph on the history of Zonda and its creator was conceived during the first meeting between Roberto Morelli and Horacio Pagani. The genesis of such monograph was quick as its development was slow. Ten years of work were needed to bring such project into being, between pauses and second thoughts. A complex evolution which witnessed the birth of Zonda’s several versions and which had the opportunity to avail itself of the precious contributions of some of the car history’s main protagonists, including Gian Paolo Dallara, Paul Frère, Gordon Murray and Valentino Balboni.

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